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Fly ash technology to refine power plant fly ash

Fatec Ltd is an innovative cleantech professional company from Finland.
Fatec Ltd have a strong and an innovative professional expertise to refine fly ash. We provide quality required services:

  • In Finland Fatec Ltd produce Ecofax –products to the Finnish and Swedish concrete industry markets.

  • For international markets Fatec Ltd provide fly ash production technology solutions and consultation.

  • Fatec patented technology is an optimal process to refine coal power plant fly ash (coal, biomass ashes, multi-fuel) material for cement or concrete industry use. Our knowhow is based on very long experience to utilize industrial by-products in concrete manufacturing.
    By using Ecofax –product, concrete manufacturing CO2 emissions reduces 15 %. Production costs are remarkable lower and technical properties of concrete improving at the same time.

    Process technology:

  • Suitable technology to use fly ashes from: coal, biomass, multi-fuel

  • Energy efficience

  • Refine coal power plant fly ash and produce higher-value product

  • Technology can be implemented where fly ash material is available:

  • Power plant process integrated production

  • Mobile container (MOBI) processing unit

  • Independent Ecofax –production unit

  • Cement production integrate production

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    Tel: +358(0)44 714 8900

    Office and Laboratory: Lyhyenrannantie 11, FI-71800 Siilinjärvi, FINLAND

    Production: Tahkoluoto, FI-28900 Pori, FINLAND

    Fortum area / Kuuloja, Riihimäki, FINLAND

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